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Merge PDFs
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Merge PDFs

Join several PDF documents in the order of your choice.

How to merge multiple PDF documents?

  1. Import your PDF document

    Drop the files that you want to merge in the drop area. You can also use the file explorer.
    Once the PDFs are imported, you have now access to the tool.
    You can modify the files or reorganize them, in the left panel.

  2. Check the merged file data

    The right side panel shows you several pieces of information about the result of the files fusion.
    If something seems wrong, check again the imported files.

  3. Download the PDF document

    Once everything is fine, you can download your brand new file by clicking on the "download" button.

Fast online PDF merging tool

Merge your PDFs in no time

Import your files, and voila! In a second, your new PDF is ready! It's that simple to use the Visual PDF tools.
Safe PDF tools

We always put security first

Using our PDF file merge tool ensures the security of your personal data. Files you merge are not read, stored, or transferred.
Live preview

View the resulting PDF before downloading

You can view the merged pdf file before downloading it. In this way, only download your PDF if it corresponds exactly to your expectations.
Join PDF files for free

Merge your PDFs for free

No account or any payment required. All of our tools, including our PDF merge tool, are free for everyone. It's generous, we know.
Change pages order

Set the order of files and pages to merge

To make your merged file exactly what you want, you can change the order of the files, or just some of their pages.
Fast and easy to use

Access our tools wherever you are

Since Visual PDF is accessible from any browser, you can access all our free tools from anywhere in the world, from your Windows computer, Mac, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet...

Why merging several documents into one PDF can be helpful

There are many reasons why you would like to merge PDFs into one single document, but here are the most common cases and benefits of doing this:
  • you want to have a single PDF file containing multiple scans. If you scan documents as PDF format, you can easily merge them with Visual PDF.
  • you are using multiple tools generating PDF files, but you want to provide a single document with all the information. Merge your documents rather than wasting time looking for them !
  • you want to pool the work of several collaborators in a single document. This a more convenient way to present your work to your supervisor for instance, rather than having multiple PDFs.