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Crop PDF
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Crop PDF

Trim PDF pages to adjust height, remove margins or crop useless content.

How to crop a PDF?

  1. Import your PDF document

    Drop the file on which you want to crop pages in the drop area. You can also use the file explorer.
    Once the PDF is imported, you have now access to the tool.
    You can modify the file in the left side panel.

  2. Select the crop area for each page

    Each page shows a crop area. You can adjust its dimensions and position.
    You can choose a different crop area for each page.
    If you have several pages to trim with the same area (for example with the same margins), you can use the quick action on the right side panel.

  3. Download the PDF document

    Once everything is fine, you can download your brand new file by clicking on the "download" button.

Fast PDF crop and trim

Crop a PDF within a few clicks

Visual PDF's cropping solution is very easy to use and requires only few clicks to get the work done. It's also versatile, since you can crop pages one by one, or apply the same cropping area to multiple pages.
Secured PDF cropping tool

Most secure way to crop a PDF

All our tools are designed to guarantee the security of your documents and your personal data. Here you can crop a PDF without worrying that your document will be transferred, stored or scanned.
Live preview

Get a preview of the resulting PDF

Having a preview of the result makes the task much more pleasant! Since you adjust the crop areas on the pages directly, you can observe what the final rendering will be very easily.
Free online tool

Cropping a PDF for free

Most PDF tools are paid or very limited when free. Visual PDF offers you all of its solutions for free, so that everyone can benefit from them!
Available on all devices

Available on every platform

Our tools are designed to work on the web, in a browser. No matter you are on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS, you can take advantage of this PDF cropping tool.
Cut PDF margins anytime

Crop a PDF at any time, anywhere

We guarantee high availability of all our services, including our PDF cropping tool. This allows you to have access to this functionality at any time, without having to perform updates.