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Duplicate PDF pages
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Duplicate PDF pages

Clone pages from a PDF.

How to duplicate pages from a PDF document?

  1. Import your PDF document

    Drop the file for which you want to duplicate pages in the drop area. You can also use the file explorer.
    Once the PDF is imported, you have now access to the tool.
    You can modify the file in the left side panel.

  2. Clone some pages

    Simply click on the pages that you want to duplicate.
    You can click on duplicate pages if you want to remove them.
    Use quick actions, in the right side panel, to go faster. Select and duplicate a range of several pages.
    You have two possibilities for duplication: either add the copies following their original page, or add the copies at the end of the file.
    In case of error, cancel your changes using the "reset" button.
    If duplicate pages need to be moved, just use the arrows below them.

  3. Download the PDF document

    Once everything is fine, you can download your brand new file by clicking on the "download" button.

Quick and easy duplicate PDF tool

Duplicate pages quickly

With Visual PDF's tool for cloning pages, only a few clicks will be enough to get the job done. It's fast, and above all, within everyone's reach!
Online safety

A secure tool

Your data is safe on Visual PDF. Our page duplication tool and all our other solutions are secure so that you can work peacefully.
Real time PDF preview

Visualize the duplication in real time

So that you don't waste time duplicating pages of your PDF documents again, our tool offers you a real-time preview. Thus, download your new document only when you are sure that it suits your needs.
Clone pages in a few clicks

Easiest way to duplicate pages

Simply click on the pages you want to duplicate and a copy will appear. You can move this copy to the position of your choice, or delete it if it is an error by clicking on it. It's as simple as that!
File customization

Set the position of new pages

The copied pages are not necessarily in the correct position in your PDF. For this, our tool allows you to move these pages to the position of your choice quickly and easily. We have thought of everything!
Fast online software

Guaranteed high availability

You have the ability to access our online tools from any computer, anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection, and take advantage of our free solutions!

Why duplicating PDF pages can be helpful

There are many reasons why you would like to duplicate PDF pages, but here are the most common cases and benefits of doing this:
  • you generated your PDF using a text editor, but forgot to include a blank page somewhere. Fortunately, you've done it elsewhere in the document: duplicate that blank page and put it in the right place, rather than re-editing your text document.
  • your favorite text editor is finicky, and you can't duplicate a page using it, or insert a blank page as you wish. Thanks to Visual PDF, add this page in a few clicks directly to the PDF.
  • your PDF document contains a table to be filled in manually later, but you realize too late that it will take several pages to enter all the information. Duplicate the table page with this free and secure tool.