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Blog / Launching our blog!

Launching our blog!

Welcome to the Visual PDF’s blog! In this blog we will discuss the PDF world and news about our tools. Want to know more? This first post explains what we are going to talk about.

Why making a blog?

Communication is key, right? Until now, however, communication could only be one-way: from you (Visual PDF users) to us.

This blog space will have the role of communicating in the other direction: from us, to you!

To create PDF tools that best meet your expectations, being able to exchange is more than necessary. Now we will be able to show you that we take your feedback and requests into account. This will also be the right place to explain how to use our tools, if you need a little help.

If you are curious about the PDF world more generally or solutions to improve your time management, there will be something to read for you too!

What content will you find here?

  • news about our PDF tools
  • tutorials to easily understand how to use a particular tool
  • advice for optimizing your working time (because Visual PDF is above all a solution for quickly performing laborious tasks on your documents)
  • anything we find important or interesting to tell you!

Welcome aboard!

Since the creation of Visual PDF, we have always wanted to have contact with our users, that is to say you. Because it is by better understanding your needs that we can build the best possible PDF platform.

For this blog, it's the same: we want to hear your ideas, your feedback (good or bad). Do not hesitate to send them to us by contacting us!